I Love You Book of wise words and affirmations

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A beautiful, heartfelt collection of wise words and powerful affirmations of love – the perfect gift to show you care, whatever the occasion

Love conquers all

Does your love for your partner leave you speechless? Luckily, all the romantic things you could ever hope to express to your special someone have already been said – and by folks much wiser and more eloquent than us love-struck mortals. So let this collection of tender, starry-eyed and passionate quotes do the talking, and show how much your beloved means to you. It’s a beautifully eloquent expression of love and desire, and the perfect gift for the one who has captured your heart.

This charming book brings together loving words from great romantics through the ages – from Rumi to Zelda Fitzgerald and from Pablo Neruda to Taylor Swift.

Published by Summersdale Publishers Ltd

Format: Hardback 14cm x 11cm

Pages: 160

Publication Date: December 2021