Rum and Confetti Cannon Celebration Pack

Rum and Confetti Cannon Celebration Pack

Q: What could be better than receiving this as a gift?

A: Receiving it as part of a SevenYays box – just like an advent calendar, but for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, Tuesdays, and whenever someone deserves a week of Yays to show them they’re loved.


An explosion of flavour and confetti! What better way to announce that your celebrating? 

Contains 5cl miniature of Trash & Treasure Spiced Botanical Rum and biodegradable confetti cannon.

This delicious spiced rum will ignite your taste buds. Fresh orange and grapefruit erupt from the glass, with aromas of sponge pudding, caramel and honey.

Made by award winning distillers, Warner’s on their British farm, “We took the things no-one wanted (Over-Ripe Brown Banana, Fresh Orange Peel Waste, Dandelion Root) and transformed them into something delicious.” 100% natural ingredients

ABV – 40%