Teenie Ty Plush Soft Toy - Heather The Unicorn Cat

Teenie Ty Plush Soft Toy - Heather The Unicorn Cat

Q: What could be better than receiving this as a gift?

A: Receiving it as part of a SevenYays box – just like an advent calendar, but for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, Tuesdays, and whenever someone deserves a week of Yays to show them they’re loved.


Ty have created the super popular World of Teeny Tys. The Teeny-est pals around are ready to tag along wherever the adventure may take you!

They can be tucked into pockets and school bags so their new friend can travel easily with them and keep them company. And, each Teeny Ty comes with an official Ty Heart and birthday!

This is Heather the Unicorn Cat. She has a brightly coloured coat and glittering horn and eyes. Her birthday is April 26th.

By Ty UK Ltd

Approx 10 x 6 x 6cm

Suitable from birth

Hand wash only

Please remove all tags and accessories before giving to a child – retain tags for future reference.