The Advent Calendar for Birthdays

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Give them a longer lasting birthday. Give them a whole BirthWEEK!

Just like an advent calendar, a treatbox for birthdays and any occasion including Father's Day, exam season, Tuesdays and whenever someone deserves a week of Yays to show them they’re loved.

Give that special person in your life a SevenYays.

Seven gifts. Seven days. SevenYays.

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Create Your Own Yays

Make the perfect, personalised gift filled with all their favourites. Choose six Countdown Yays, and then one bigger Special Yay from over 400 gifts and give them a whole week of joy!

Build your own box today from £21. Simply pay for the cost of the 7 gifts you choose plus just £5 to have them lovingly presented in a unique SevenYays gift box with free greeting card. Tracked delivery £3.50.

Create Your Own Today

Father's Day Sunday 18th June

Make his special day a special week!

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your own dad or someone who’s a father to you, give him a week of Yays this Father’s Day.

Order today and schedule your delivery.

SevenYays....Making special moments last longer.

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How Does it Work?

Option 1 - Create Your Own box from 400+ gifts. Select 6 Countdown Yays, and a Special Yay for door 7. Yays are individually priced + just £5 to have them lovingly presented as a unique SevenYays gift box with free greeting card. Or...

Option 2 - Choose from our range of 25 gorgeous Ready Made Boxes; carefully curated and suitable for all occasions. Prices start at £33 including SevenYays box and greeting card.

Then choose your box design, select your greeting card and pop in a personal message. Then tell us when you'd like your SevenYays box to arrive (schedule up to a year ahead!) Tracked delivery costs just £3.50.

Sit back, relax, and wait for that joyous moment when your friend or loved one realises that you think they're special enough to receive their very own SevenYays box. Yay!

SevenYays - The Unique Birthday Gift Advent Calendar

What is SevenYays?

SevenYays is a countdown calendar to that big day. A birthday. An anniversary. An award won or an exam passed. Or the because-you’re-amazing-and-you-deserve-a-little-something-special days. 

It’s like an ‘advent’ calendar. Bigger doors. Fabulous gifts. And special little treats from all our favourite places. For any special occasion.

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