About Us

Our mission is to bring joy and make those special moments last longer.

“Why Don’t We Have Advent Calendars for Birthdays?”

...asked our teenage daughter. We couldn’t answer, so she went away, made one and gave it to her little sister. Who shouted “Yay!”. We saw it and thought what a wonderful idea.

Bigger doors. Fabulous gifts. And special little treats from all our favourite places. For any special occasion. We made one for Grannie. Then for our friends. And our friends’ friends. 

And now? Now we’re on a mission to make a SevenYays box for everyone that deserves that extra special present - whatever the occasion.

We work hard to find the very best gifts to add to your SevenYays box. The ones that really make you smile. Really make you think ‘wow.’ Really make you go ‘Yay!’ 

We are an independent family business based in Manchester and we put the same care and attention into every SevenYays Box that we put into our very first, spreading the joy and sharing the love, one Yay at a time!

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