Corporate Gift Boxes (with a difference!)

Want to show your team how much you appreciate them, celebrate that new contract, countdown to a special business event or just thank your colleagues or customers for their valuable support?

Make a real impact with an entire week of intrigue, anticipation and Yay after Yay with the gift that really keeps on giving. A corporate gift box that's just like an advent calendar but for right now!

Wellness, celebration, or 'just because'...there's a SevenYays for every occasion.

We can provide specially curated boxes, greeting cards branded for your company, and a hassle free gifting experience that will stand out from the crowd. Sent in bulk to your office, or direct to your recipients individually.

Contact us at to discuss your needs.

Seven gifts. Seven days. SevenYays.


Corporate Gift Boxes (with a difference!)

Create Your Own Yays

Want to personalise your SevenYays? Why not Create Your Own? With over 400 gifts to choose from there's something to delight every lucky recipient....over and over again.

Create Your Own