50 Bucket List Adventures - After Dinner Amusements

50 Bucket List Adventures - After Dinner Amusements

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If they have a milestone coming up, perhaps it's time to help them get inspired for their future.

This little tin of activity cards are exciting, thrilling, and awe-inspiring. 50 cards contain 50 different Bucket List Adventure ideas for those in need of a little excitement in theire lives!

Categories includes spending time in nature (deep-sea dive, meditate by a waterfall), thrill-seeking (sky dive, learn to ride a motorcycle, taste a hot pepper), aspirational travel (visit the oldest city you can, travel somewhere during a major local festival), learning something unusual (take instrument lessons, learn a language picked at random), or trying something to push out of a comfort zone (audition for a theater production). Some activities require travel, but many can be done from home.

The perfect pocket-sized games to bring to a party, perfect for slipping into a bag or pocket for on-the-go fun.

Perfect for those in need of screen-free inspiration, dinner party hosts, partygoers, or couples, retirees or students looking for shared adventure inspiration.

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By Chronicle Books