DJ's Cold Infusion Pockets - Triple Pack

DJ's Cold Infusion Pockets - Triple Pack

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Everyone loves a cocktail - until it comes to dusting off the shaker and finding that hand-me-down bottle of bitters. So here’s a better way to create complex flavours and classic cocktails with no added sugar and nothing artificial added. The infusers are 100% biodegradable so there’s minimal waste too.

Simply stir into your favourite spirit, tonic or soda to create an incredible cocktail in moments.

3 Cold Infusion Pockets includes:

Summer Equinox - Juicy, tender fruits and sweet-scented flowers.  

Passion Star - Light, fruity, and absolutely bursting with flavour. Add a measure of vodka and a splash of freshly squeezed lime or orange and you’ve created a Porn Star Martini. 

Orange Osmosis - sweet and punchy Orange Osmosis brings the perfect blend of citric goodness straight to your glass.

Vegan Friendly