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Estella Bartlett Card Purse

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An Estella Bartlett Card Purse is simply the perfect accessory to have to keep you organised. Inscribed in gold lettering and designed to fit coins in the zipped pocket and cards in the outer card holder pockets, this is the perfect gift for your favourite person, or even yourself!

3 designs to select between:

Black Croc

Pink Blush - with the inspiring message 'Live As You Dream

Coral - with a 'Imagination Rules The World' message.

Measures 12.5 x 7.5 x 0.5cm

Estella Bartlett is a playful and feminine lifestyle brand; a destination for both timeless & trend-aligned jewellery and accessories. Defined by a playful and chic approach, all designs are unique and are created in-house at their London studio.