Happy Birthday Seedball Matchbox Gift

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Wish your green-fingered loved one a very happy birthday with this adorable little matchbox filled with our best-selling mix of seed balls - perfect for scattering in gardens, balcony plant pots or window planter.

You are sure to make them feel truly thought of with this mini pack of six seed balls, enough to spruce up their garden and draw wildlife in. Kept inside a blue coloured matchbox, each seed ball contains 30 cornflower, red campion, oxeye daisy, musk mallow and meadow cranes-bill seeds.

The top of the matchbox is adorned with the wording 'happy birthday' in a corresponding colour.

Scatter these little wildflower-packed seed balls in a pot or flower bed to bring their garden to life. Each matchbox comes with a card included with all the information your recipient needs to get the most out of their flower friends.

Each matchbox contains: 6 seed balls and instruction leaflet.