Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey - 5cl Miniature

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If they love a drop of whiskey to toast their special occasion, then don't hesitate to add one (or all!) of our Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey's to their countdown calendar.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey has been made the same for generations. Pure local water and the brand's famous charcoal mellowing system are all it takes to make this classic life of the party. Medium-bodied and deep amber in colour, the flavour palate is a balanced caramel, with notes of vanilla, toasted oak, dark dried fruits and a creamy finish.

Four delicious flavours to explore:

Original Old No.7 (abv 40%)

Cinnamon Spice Tennessee Fire (abv 35%)

Tennessee Honey (abv 35%)

Tennessee Apple (abv 35%)

Take it neat, on ice (AKA JD on the rocks), or pour with some cola and call it a night.