Mum's Meadow Seedball Wildflower Tin

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Multi-award winning, Seedballs are incredibly easy to use - simply scatter on top of soil or compost (no digging or expertise required!) and nature will do the rest.

Mum’s Meadow is a limited edition wildflower mix, with proceeds from the sale of this tin supporting the charity (this information is shown on the reverse of the tin).  The mix includes five native wildflowers that are most likely to thrive in the nutrient rich soils commonly found in our gardens. 

Suitable for gardens, plant pots and window boxes, each tin contains 20 seed balls, enough to cover 1 metre square in a garden bed or 3-5 medium sized pots (leave at least 10cm between each ball).

Best scattered in Spring or Autumn.

100% UK made. Produces beautiful wildflowers. Perfect for mums!